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15 März

GRAZy Kizz Weekend


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Full Pass: €90,00

Parties & Socials: €70,00

Datum & Uhrzeit

15/03/2024, 20:00 - 17/03/2024, 20:00


Tanzvilla Conny & Dado

Körblergasse, 1, Graz, 8010, AT

GRAZyKizz 2024

15th - 17th march

We are going GRAZy again! 😁

A lot of positive feedback reached us after last years' edition, so we are confidently coming back with this season. GRAZyKizz is a mid-sized Kizomba Fusion event with a classy charme and focus on quality.

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🇦🇹 Venue 🇦🇹

All workshops, socials and parties at GRAZyKizz take place in our wonderful 'Dance Villa'. These high ceilings and chandeliers have provided a majestic setting for a long time, and when Conny & Dado took over, they renewed it into a fancy classic.

🔈 Sound System 🔈

At GRAZyKizz, we know the difference between loudness and volume. For Kizomba Fusion, the music needs to fill the room and your soul, while still maintaining a comfortable level.

🌬 Air Conditioning 🌬

The main floor at 'Dance Villa' is equipped with excellent air conditioning. Enjoy the parties in a pleasant climate.

👠 Floor 👞

'Dance Villa' has been a dance school for decades, one cannot ask for a better dance floor. Your knees will thank you, and regarding dance shoes:

Go GRAZy 😉

💃🕺 Balance 💃🕺

We make a conscious effort to provide a healthy leader/follower balance at GRAZyKizz, which involves restricting sales of certain passes at certain times. While that is a tough call to make from a business perspective, we believe it pays off in the long run.

👩‍🏫 Instructors 🧑‍🏫

Being a great dancer is not the same thing as being a great instructor. In the workshops at GRAZyKizz, we seek to provide amazing classes that gift the participants with lasting ideas.

🤩 Alvin & Raluca (UK)

🤩 Eddy & Rita (Hungary)

🤩 Lúcio & Gabriella (Brazil / Hungary)

With a bonus-workshop by

🤩 Azmaël & Katalin (Austria / Hungary)

🎧 DJs 🎧

If you have fond memories of a party, there was a great DJ who made it possible. GRAZyKizz invites trusted and amazing party makers, who will rock the floor and lift your spirit up where it belongs.

😎 Snakes

😎 Madara

😎 Eddy

😎 Azmaël


Full Pass 90€

Socials + Parties 70€

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